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We welcome applications from accountants with a major interest in the voluntary sector who work in small practices.

About the Charity Practitioners Forum

The CPF was set up by practices and individuals with a specialisation in the sector, as a forum to share technical information.

As accounting and legal requirements became more onerous, general practitioners with a significant voluntary sector client base have joined the CPF. One reason is to reduce the risk of problems for their clients (or for their practices), resulting from ignorance of the complex legal and regulatory framework governing the voluntary sector. Another reason is to enable non-specialist practitioners to focus on ‘not-for-profit’ matters that might not otherwise come to their attention.

We hold short, mid-afternoon meetings four times each year for expert input, discussion and networking. Meetings are currently held in Central London, although our membership is spread around the country. Past meetings have focused on:

  • Charity accounting and the SORP
  • Auditing
  • Taxation
  • Practice Management
  • Information Technology

Additionally, we hold an Annual Training Day, which provides a change of pace and the opportunity to cover a number of topics in greater detail. There are generally outside speakers at these events which, in the past, have included people from the Charity Commission, charity tax consultants and specialist law firms. The events are mostly in London, with every fourth or fifth year in other locations with good transport links.